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Property Management

The Property Solutions & Services (PSS) philosophy in managing housing is to respond to the particular needs of the resident population we are serving, while meeting the goals of the owners. We offer owners a range of involvement in the management of their properties. One approach is to work as a team, acting more as a consultant and guide to the owner in helping formulate policies, reviewing budgets, responding to the requirements of their funders, while providing daily management of the property. The other extreme is to provide the full range of property management services that meet the goals set for the property while minimizing the involvement of the owner  We tailor our management to the goals of the owner and needs of the property.

As the managing agent of a property, PSS offers the following property management services:

Marketing of Vacant Apartments
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Provide appropriate advertising and marketing materials
  • Show apartments to prospective tenants
  • Take written applications from prospective tenants
  • Review applications against the resident selection criteria
  • Complete the income verifications required by funding organizations
  • Make sure necessary inspections and paper work are done to insure a timely move-in
  • Do move-in and move-out inspections
  • Provide tenant orientations
  • Collect, record and deposit rent, and send out late rent notices
  • Make vacancy and/or damage claims
  • Approve and code all bills for payment
  • Pay bills semi-monthly
  • Provide required financial statements to funders in a timely manner
  • Furnish detailed financial statement to owners monthly
  • Develop an annual budget; discuss ways to reduce expenses with the owner
  • Help the owner to prioritize expenses
  • Modify the budget in accordance with the owner’s suggestions
Janitorial and Maintenance
  • Formulate a detailed caretaking program
  • Develop a preventive maintenance schedule
  • Clean, paint, and perform maintenance in apartments upon unit turnovers
  • See that routine, emergency, and preventive maintenance is performed in a timely manner
  • Identify needed repairs and see that the property is well-maintained
  • Work with the owner and the residents to determine areas in which the residents can reduce costs
  • Get bids for items such as snow removal, lawn care, or for large repairs discuss the bids and make recommendations to the owner)
Resident Relations
  • Work with the residents to understand and comply with lease and house rules
  • Provide any termination of tenancies where necessary through negotiation or Eviction Action
  • Facilitate mediation between residents when appropriate
  • Work with residents and their counselors to resolve housing issues
General Management
  • Assist the owner in arranging for property insurance and file necessary claims
  • Make recommendations to the owner regarding the operations of the property
  • If applicable meet regularly with social service staff to discuss issues related to the housing and the residents if applicable
Community Relations
  • Respond to any concerns or issues raised by the neighbors
  • Work with residents and neighbors to understand each other’s needs
  • Work to make residents a positive part of the community
  • Maintain strong working relationships with government housing agencies including but not limited to: HUD, MHFA, Hennepin and Dakota counties, Minneapolis Housing Authority and Community Planning & Economic Development Departments, St. Paul Housing Authority and Federal Home Loan Bank
  • Maintain expertise in understanding and complying with funding program requirements including: Section 8, MHFA first mortgages, Housing Tax Credits, LTHIF, MARIF, PARIF and HOME
  • Keep current with changes in program funding requirements
  • Review all applications for compliance with the property’s funding requirements before the application is accepted
  • Track recertification dates to insure timeliness of annual recertifications