A World of Real Estate Services



In addition to providing property management services, PSS provides consulting services and assistance to both profit and non-profit owners and developers of affordable housing.  We provide the following kinds of consulting services, always tailoring our services to the specific needs of our clients.

Co-op Assistance

We have worked with both limited equity and leasehold co-ops as a management agent and as a consultant.

  • Develop policies for co-ops so they can more effectively manage their property.
  • Provide member selection and closing coordination for limited equity co-ops
  • Provide full bookkeeping services to a co-op that otherwise self-manages
  • Answer questions regarding management best practices for cooperatives that choose to self manage
Compliance with Funding

We have more than 20 years experience providing compliance services. We successfully navigate the complex and sometimes inconsistent rules of Section 42 (Housing Tax Credit) and Section 8 programs. We also have over a decade of experience ensuring that projects are in compliance with HOME, CDBG, MARIF, PARIF, HOPWA and SHP funding.

  • Assist organizations in obtaining funding for capital improvements and rent subsidies
  • Help organizations understand the implications and requirements of various funding programs
  • Develop procedures for compliance with regulations
  • Train staff on the procedures and rules to maintain compliance
  • Provide review of and corrections to compliance certifications
  • Coach staff on compliance questions and issues
  • Submit regular reports as required to funders
  • Provide complete occupancy compliance services from initial certification of resident’s income and eligibility for funding to annual reporting of compliance to funders
  • Bring properties back into compliance and clean up resident files which previously did not meet funding guidelines.
Property Management

We provide a full range of property management services to non-profits, including:

  • Aid non-profits in setting up a new property management entity
  • Advise non profits on ways to structure or restructure their current property management division to better achieve their goals
  • Help non-profits dissolve their existing property management services when they determine that is the best course of action
Asset Management

When funders are concerned about how a property is being operated, we have been hired to step into the role of owner or asset manager, to evaluate the management of the property and to bring it back to a place where best practices are being followed.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of an owner’s self management
  • Help owners determine if their third party management is providing the services they need
  • Review the financial operations of a property.
  • Act in place of the owner to hire and oversee a property management company, make sure the property is being managed in a fiscally sound manner and in accordance with the goals and requirements of the funders.
  • Act as a court appointed receiver