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Property Maintenance

Property Solutions & Services, Inc. (PSS) provides comprehensive maintenance services to its properties under management using a combination of in-house maintenance staffing and outside contractors. We can also provide maintenance services to properties that we don’t manage.

In-House Maintenance Staffing

Our maintenance staff is directed by our Maintenance Supervisor, using a database that automates and prioritizes maintenance requests and regularly-scheduled preventative maintenance. The system generates work orders which track time spent and materials used, and  provides documentation for property or resident charges.

Maintenance requests are generated either by residents or management staff and are prioritized as follows:

  • Emergency for life safety issues, running water, no heat, etc., addressed immediately.
  • Urgent Maintenance are items that cause serious inconvenience to the resident (e.g., non-working appliances, a clogged sink, a non-working air conditioner), addressed the next business day.
  • Routine Maintenance are non-urgent repairs performed on a designated day each week, increasing efficiency and minimizing costs
  • Preventive Maintenance is scheduled and performed at designated times thoughout the year

After-hours emergency maintenance requests are routed to our emergency maintenance service, which responds to all resident calls within 30 minutes.

Maintenance work is billed at our contract maintenance rate, The properties  are charged only for the time spent on that development. Our goal is to have repairs done in the most cost-effective manner for the development.

Service Contractors

Outside contractors are used when they can provide better or more cost-effective service for our developments. The service providers used by PSS have proven themselves to be both reliable and competitive on pricing. Typically, we contract out for painting, carpet replacement, replacement of furnaces and hot water heaters, or structural repairs. There are times when we use outside contractors for complicated repairs. Our goal is to always provide the most cost-effective service for the property.

Capital Improvements

At the direction of the owner, large capital improvements are typically contracted out.  The site manager and property manager work together to develop specifications for the job and then let bids for the work. All bids are reviewed to determine which company will provide the most professional and cost-effective work.  Bids are presented to the owner for approval. All contractors hired by PSS must be licensed and insured, and provide proof of this before they will be accepted for the job.  All coordination for the repair and any notification of the residents are handled by PSS.  Once the improvement is complete, we inspect that the work has been done accurately and completely prior to payment.