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Who is eligible for a payment agreement due to COVID-19

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 we understand that many of you are facing a significant loss of income. We know that this will impact the ability of paying rent on time and having the money to pay rent in full for the next couple months. Below is a guideline for you to follow before contacting your property manager. We are committed to working with all residents affected by this crisis in order to keep your housing secure.

While Gov. Walz signed the Emergency Executive Order 20-14: Suspending Evictions and Writs of Recovery During the COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency, nothing in this Executive Order relieves a tenant’s obligation to pay rent.  Additionally, this suspension does not include eviction actions based on cases where the tenant seriously endangers the safety of other residents or for violations of Minnesota Statutes 2019, section 504B.171, subdivision one. If you are experiencing hardship, please see the below directions.

  1. If applicable, Resident is participating in interim recertification for subsidized housing programs.
  2. The Resident provides verification satisfactory to the Property that s/he has experienced a job loss, furlough, or decrease in hours due to COVID-19. Acceptable verification includes:
    1. a letter from a medical provider (if Resident is ill)
    2. a letter from a medical provider confirming the Resident is either caring for a household member with COVID-19 or has been quarantined due to exposure to COVID-19
    3. a letter or notice from an employer indicating the Resident has lost his/her job or has been furloughed because of COVID-19
    4. a letter or notice from an employer documenting Resident has experienced a loss of hours because of COVID-19
    5. other documents from third parties documenting illness, quarantine status, or loss of job/hours because of COVID-19
  1. If eligible, Resident has applied for unemployment insurance benefits and any other local, state, or federal benefits that are or may become available and provides proof of pending application(s).

Payment agreement requirements:

  1. The impacted Resident must initiate the request for a payment agreement.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire here
  3. Based on the Resident’s request and a showing that Resident lacks sufficient resources to pay all or part of the rent, the Property will negotiate a payment agreement with the Resident.
  4. The Resident will not incur late fees for amounts subject to the payment agreement.
  5. Resident will continue to pay utilities for Resident’s unit during the payment agreement.
  6. If Resident vacates the Property before Resident has paid amounts owed under the payment agreement, the remaining balance of the payment agreement will immediately become due and owing.
  7. Eligible Residents must sign the payment agreement
  8. The payment agreement will contain additional terms and conditions. The Property will be happy to discuss those terms and conditions with any interested Resident.